About the Alliance


Inspiring Ecological Stewardship
and Restorative Development

Embracing a bold mission to conserve biodiversity, restore ecological processes and regenerate the human spirit, Biohabitat has consulted on projects worldwide since 1982 and has built a strong interdisciplinary team of natural resource planners, conservation biologists, landscape ecologists, restoration ecologists, forest ecologists, landscape architects, civil engineers, water resource planners, and GIS analysts. The firm imagines a future where developers minimize or possibly even reverse degradation of the earth’s natural systems and envision a design paradigm where human activities are deeply integrated with all living systems, continuously building biological diversity, resiliency and community spirit.


Ecological Solutions for Water Use

NSI has played a role in more than 500 ecological engineering projects, providing holistic solutions for water use master planning, wastewater treatment and reuse, storm water management, potable and non-potable water supply and watershed restoration. A relatively small firm, NSI’s depth and range of experience exceeds that of many far larger national companies, earning the firm a reputation for innovation and excellence with state and local regulatory agencies nationwide. Since their founding in 1989, NSI has also undertaken projects in Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Bahamas, Fiji, India, China, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi and Australia.