No one can make ecological good sense for the planet.  Everyone can make ecological good sense locally, if the affection, the scale, the knowledge, the tools, and the skills are right.

— Wendell Berry

How We Work

A Process of Discovery

Communities regenerate not from the outside in but the inside out. Wherever we work, rather than import a set of solutions, we begin with a process of discovery. Story of Place™ is the approach we use to understand a community. It’s a systemic and participatory process that identifies and honors the unique nature of a place and the people who live there—and a powerful experience that renews a community’s spirit.

As people re-discover their place and its potential in the world, their connections deepen and they begin to appreciate what they share with one another as a community. Story of Place™ is a regenerative approach to sustainable community development that replaces limited problem solving with true insights about how a whole community can thrive.