When a culture has no story if has no vision and doesn't know how to bring itself into the future.

— Elizabeth Sahtouris

How We Work

Inspiring Change

Stories That Inspire Change…

Because people everywhere tell stories to make sense of the world and give meaning to their lives, Story of Place™ is an effective tool for inspiring cultural change. Whether for a city of millions or a small rural valley, the positive cultural effect will be similar: A deep understanding of place inspires communities to create lasting sustainability.

Unlock Potential

Story of Place™ brings a place alive, capturing its essence, painting new possibilities for partnering nature and culture to grow a future of greater abundance and creativity for all life. An authentic story speaks to what a place can become, and how we can contribute to and benefit from that future.

In Colorado’s North Fork Valley, discovering their place’s potential as a “Learning Valley” inspired ideas for how the many small businesses could operate as a mutually supportive system, despite very different cultural values. In Mexico City, leading planning and design professionals, working with Ibero University, are launching a movement to reclaim the city’s historic relationship to its waters. Is it possible Mexico City could actually produce more water, and food, than it consumes? We believe so, if regeneration is approached systematically, and the energy moves from the inside out.