What We Deliver

Community-Aligned Development

Building from the Story of Placeā„¢, the Alliance helps a community:

Understand the systemic, interdependent dynamics shaping its natural and built environments and the long term implications and opportunities for healthier water, habitat, neighborhoods and people.

Integrate water, biodiversity, energy, and healthy building goals through holistic strategies, master plans, designs and construction.

Sustain the regenerative capacity of buildings, infrastructure, land and the people who use and manage them, by providing the understanding and tools needed to maintain, improve and evolve them through time.

The results — buildings, landscapes and neighborhoods that:

  • conserve and restore healthy water systems while regenerating ecosystems, biodiversity and local agriculture,
  • reflect the unique character of a community and its place, inspiring stewardship and connection, and
  • truly integrate the natural and built environment to create sources of increasing health and abundance.


... Understanding the power that immediate Nature holds over human community this way is amongst the most important things I have ever learned! Unbelievably powerful stuff.

— Buzz Ferver, Design Ecologist, Worcester, Vermont